Comprehensive end-to-end Manufacturing and Production Processes and Pipelines that Guarantee Delivery

Made For You, Made By You

Consolidate Your Production Platform with our network of manufacturing partners who provide superior knowledge and expertise for getting your products to market.

Constant innovation and improvements in efficiency standards, enable Carolina Rework Solutions to provide a uniquely personalized total product design.

From product manufacturing and packaging production to marketing and promotional materials, your products and the entire sales and distribution channel is built for maximized market performance.

Upon completion of your product design and prototyping, the manufacturing process begins. As materials are being sourced and production and assembly pipelines are established and secured, concurrent efforts are being invested in the production of packaging and marketing materials. The entire process is being coordinated by our in-house project management team.

As your product comes off the assembly line, it is ready to be packaged, placed into inventory for immediate distribution and sale.


Carolina Rework Solutions can handle Your Products from A to Z.

We supply for you everything beyond your Sales Arm and provide you and your customers everything we promise.


– The production network to deliver your ideas and vision to market.

“I appreciate all the work you and your team put in on our behalf. I’m sure we’ll have other projects coming up in the near future and will reach out when we do.”

Graeme Cummings, Wanzl
“I want to thank your amazing team again for receiving our shipment yesterday and getting it unloaded and counted so quickly”
Anne Marie Kortright , 03 Waterworks

“Awesome, thank you everyone!”

Hakim Isa, Daytona

“Thank you so much.  I received the package.  I already put the shoes on my son.  I’m so happy he’s running around with them on. These fit perfect. Again, thank you. You made my day.”

Pamela Levy, Robeez - Customer

” I am so glad to not have to worry about this –  You are such a blessing!!!”

Genia Roman, Automated Solutions

“Excellent- Thanks for doing such a great job!”

Corey Levy/ Scott Nussbaum, Greentouch Home

“Thank you for the excellent customer service; I have asked for a lot and your team has consistently delivered in a professional and timely manner. The inventory tracking has been top-notch with an excellent span of control and a world class release protocol.”

Tim Argent, Neptune

“Thank you all so very much!  Your staff are rock stars!

Angela Drum, Moretz
“Thank the picker who found it and let you know. We are grateful for people such as them. It looks good for CRS and Solmate.”
Barbara Hulin, Solemate
“We were amazed and excited to see all the orders that CRS was able to get shipping today. Congrats CRS Team.  That’s huge. I appreciate it”
Randy Wakerlin, Solmate
“Thanks again for all your efforts and those of your distribution team… the box was a great fit and a beautiful display when you opened it.”
Keith Hamilton, Proforma / Lowe's Project

Customer Service

When You Need Help Is When We Are Here

Whether 30 Hours per month or more, we can customize your level of service.

We set it up in house, we provide the 800 number, we handle the calls, we process returns, and do so much with what the customer needs.